;A; These made me feel really loved(??), thank you, everyone! It’s impossible for me to say 30 things about myself though, so I’ll answer just once….

  1. I’m going to turn 21 next Friday and I have to say that’s terrifying.  
  2. Well, finnish language’s entrance exam is soon too and it’s something even more terrifying.
  3. Studying has been really fun though, so i regret nothing.
  4. Right now I am working as journalist in small local newspaper. 
  5. My taste in music and books and friends is fantastic.
  6. Echo is my favorite english word. 
  7. I feel like this post sums up my whole life. 
  8. I already look forward to this year’s nanowrimo even though I don’t have any idea what I am going to write. 
  9. Mahou Tsukai no Yome is my latest manga love, I need new chapters like air. 
  10. eep
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  1. jusuchina said: Eh, 21… you’re still young and beautiful ;) I know you will be successful in your exam!
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